MyCorridor App is online!

//MyCorridor App is online!

MyCorridor App is online!

MyCorridor developed its MaaS App and it’s now ready and available on Google Play store.

Imagine you arrive in a new city because you are on vacation or on a business trip. You don’t speak the foreign language, can’t read the signs, can’t use the local digital services and you don’t understand how to use public or any other type of transportation available. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to use just one app to book your travel to your final destination, which might be even on the other side of a national border? And, even more, use again the very same app if you opt traveling outside the border to another country? The solution is the MyCorridor App.

MyCorridor app has been already tested by volunteers in several European countries in the lab to guarantee a high-quality user experience. Real-life testing will start in June and several travelers across Europe will use the packages offered by MyCorridor application to organize, book, and complete their personalized journeys by taking advantage of the MyCorridor loyalty schemes and incentives. For more information on the pilots, have a look here

You can download the MyCorridor application for Android here and the Application User Manual here

You can download the MyCorridor application for iOS here and the Application User Manual here

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