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Salzburg Pilot

Salzburg, Summer, Pilot, MycorridorThe regional capital of Austria, located at the border to Germany, is a tourist attraction throughout the year. The city, which is a home for 150.000 inhabitants, also accommodates several universities. Therefore, many employees and students, as well as tourists are commuting to and from the city.

The first round of testing was conducted in spring 2019 with 25 participants in Salzburg. The participants were given various simulated mobility scenarios in Salzburg, which were solved by the test subject with the help of the MyOSS app. The whole process took place in a laboratory environment. The collected feedback was very valuable for the improvement of the App, which has been enhanced over the summer months.

In the second pilot round the tests now takes place in the “real” world. This time 60 participants are asked to test the MyOSS app for functionality and usability for their daily commutes to work, to university, and for cross-border travels to Germany. The participants receive a gift voucher as an incentive, which can be redeemed in various shops in the historic center of Salzburg.

In order to get the most representative results possible, the participants will be varied, based on gender, age, work, education, and social class. So far, the biggest challenge in the whole process is the integration of big number mobility services in order to provide an attractive and ideally all-encompassing offer so that the users can take real advantage of the usage of the MyOSS App.

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