• Athens – Loutraki – Korinthos (Greece): local, rural and cross-urban corridor

  • Rafina Port – Aegean Islands (Greece): local, interurban corridor

  • Thessaloniki – Rome (Greece – Italy): interurban and cross-border corridor

  • Ostia – Rome (Italy): local, cross-urban corridor

  • Rome (Italy): local, cross-urban corridor

  • Italy – Austria: cross-border corridor


User testing will be conducted in the above 6 pilot sites across Europe including cross-border journeys through Europe with over 400 travellers and service providers.


Diverse types of travellers (tourists, bleisure, commuters, people with various access needs, etc.) will have the opportunity to share with us their existing travelling needs and preferences
with existing services and have a hands-on experience with MyCorridor services and packages through both laboratory tests (1st phase) and real-life pilots (2nd phase).
Services and business providers will have to opportunity to test and use our easy and quick integration process into the MyCorridor platform and be part of our community and growing ecosystem!


The first round of testing will be conducted with service providers and travellers from various groups (e.g. businessmen, tourists, commuters, etc.) in order to ensure positive,
comfortable and convenient traveller experience and high usability of the MyCorridor platform.
User testing will start in November 2018 with over 100 users across pilot sites. In the second and final round of testing, over 300 real travellers across Europe will use the packages offered by MyCorridor platform to organize, book and complete their journeys by taking advantage of the MyCorridor loyalty schemes and incentives! Our travellers’ real-life experiences and interactions will constitute a major step towards building the MyCorridor ecosystem, a throughout sustainable and growing platform, addressing diversity in travelling needs and preferences in Europe.

If you are a mobility service provider and you want to be part of the MyCorridor open platform without any charge or cost and make your services available to travellers across Europe, please contact: Maria Gkemou – mgemou@certh.gr

The MyCorridor platform complies with the MaaS Alliance API design guidelines and mobility service providers are encouraged to follow the same approach to facilitate the integration.
For more information visit MaaS Alliance

If you are a user who wants to support us into making MyCorridor a usable and fun place to plan your travels and you want to share your ideas and shape the future MaaS transportation market, please contact: Maria Gkemou – mgemou@certh.gr to participate in any of our upcoming user studies.