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Imagine you arrive in a new city, because you are on vacation or a business trip. You don’t speak the foreign language, can’t read the signs and you don’t understand public transportation. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to use just one app to book your travel to your final destination, which might be even on the other side of a national border?

The solution is called “MyCorridor” application and has been tested by volunteers in several European countries. The first test phase, which was coordinated by different project partners, was performed under a laboratory test. This was mainly done to guarantee a high-quality user experience. In a second step, the testers were invited to use the MyCorridor app in real-world environments. Several hundred travelers across Europe will use the packages offered by MyCorridor platform to organize, book and complete their journeys by taking advantage of the MyCorridor loyalty schemes and incentives.

Our travelers’ real-life experiences and interactions will constitute a major step towards building the MyCorridor ecosystem, a throughout sustainable and growing platform, addressing diversity in travelling needs and preferences in Europe. The MyCorridor platform complies with the MaaS Alliance API design guidelines and mobility service providers are encouraged to follow the same approach to facilitate the integration. For more information visit MaaS Alliance.

Overall, the research project is keen to draw conclusions on the integration of transport service providers into one “Mobility as a Service” (MaaS) solution. Furthermore, the project will be a precedent for future cross-border and transnational solutions and the pilots are a major cornerstone for the project’s success.

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