MyCorridor lands in Salzburg

//MyCorridor lands in Salzburg

MyCorridor lands in Salzburg

Cornelia Zankl

We are at an exciting stage in the MyCorridor project and travellers have just finished testing the app all over Europe. Six ongoing pilot projects are running the MyCorridor application for the organisation of personalised journeys. We spoke to Cornelia Zankl, who coordinates the pilot project in Salzburg, to get her feedback on user experiences with this new MaaS service.

When did the pilot in Salzburg start?
The first round of testing was conducted in spring 2019 with 25 participants. The participants were given various scenarios to simulate using the MyCorridor app in Salzburg and subsequently provided their feedback. This pilot took place in a laboratory environment. The feedback was very useful for the further development of the app.

The second pilot round involved real-world testing. Some 60 participants tested the MyCorridor app for functionality and usability over a period of up to three months. The second round started in June 2020 and ended in September 2020. The results will be used to continue to improve the MyCorridor system to meet different mobility needs across Europe.

What kind of trips will be covered?
In the real-life test, participants in Salzburg used the MyCorridor app for their daily commutes to work or university in and around Salzburg and for cross-border travel to Germany. Salzburg directly borders Germany and has always had close ties with the neighbouring Bavarian communities. Many people regularly cross the border between Austria and Germany for professional or private reasons using different means of transport.

Who will test the app?
In order to get the most representative results possible, the group of participants is diverse in terms of gender, age, profession, education and social class Among the participants are students, employees and retired people, this group of participants was recruited prior to the start of the second pilot.

Apart from the COVID-19 pandemic, have you faced any challenges so far?
One of the biggest challenges in the whole process is the integration of a lot of mobility services in order to provide an attractive and all-encompassing offer so that the users can take real advantage of the usage of the MyCorridor App.

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