Cooperation with MaaS Alliance & TM2.0 platform

//Cooperation with MaaS Alliance & TM2.0 platform

Cooperation with MaaS Alliance & TM2.0 platform

As one of the founding members, IRU represents the MyCorridor project in the MaaS Alliance. IRU is following all of the working groups, and in particular users and rules and the technical working group, providing input from project work, and aligning project development with the guidelines developed in the MaaS Alliance. Project progress was discussed at several occasions during the MaaS Alliance plenary meetings and working group meetings.

The main outcome of the alignment efforts is the endorsement of MaaS API, a common API format guideline developed by the MaaS Alliance and published at At the 15th November 2018 cluster meeting in Rome, both MyCorridor and IMOVE project agreed to publicly announce the endorsement of the MaaS API and thus the intention to explore potential implementation in their technical solutions.

MyCorridor established since the very beginning a collaboration with the TM2.0 platform with the aim to work together on the implementation of the TM2.0 concept in the MaaS platform and how the TM2.0 could be evolve bring “Interactive Traffic Management” in the multimodal environment (TM2.1).

A specific Task Force on TM 2.0 – MaaS has been established in order to develop smart mobility solutions between traffic management and MaaS. The TF is started in November 2018 and works towards defining the functionalities of TM 2.0 (influencing & informing on traffic) and how these enable MaaS services. MyCorridor project will be used as Use Case to “proof of concept”. This Task Force is carried out with the support of MaaS Alliance.

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