Collaborating with MaaS projects

//Collaborating with MaaS projects

Collaborating with MaaS projects

MyCorridor established since the very beginning a collaboration with other relevant H2020 projects which share common objectives and/or concepts, mainly the MaaS one.

The collaboration was especially set with the two following projects:


Direct contact has already been established with IMove and MaaS4EU and a collaboration was defined, based on common press releases, cluster meetings on relevant and common topics and knowledge exchange.

Periodical call conferences and face to face meeting are organised between the three project coordinators, also involving relevant partners of the consortium when needed.

Since the beginning of the projects, two cluster meeting were organised:

  • 6th February 2018, in London
  • 15th November 2018, in Rome

Both cluster meetings were organised a day before the MyCorridor Pan-European workshop in order to ensure and maximise synergies, and with the aim to define a state of the art of the cooperation and to decide the next steps.
At the first cluster meeting the project partners agreed to align communication and dissemination activities and explore the potential cooperation on other fields.
During the cluster meeting held in Rome, some specific actions were agreed: a joint position paper; using each other’s documents to see how the projects can interact and support each other conceptually; dissemination and knowledge sharing (joint press release, common workshop, common Advisory Board, policy recommendations, deliverables etc.); definition of common KPIs; exploring setting up of new pilots using MyCorridor / i-MOVE / MaaS4EU solutions.
The cluster of MaaS projects also had the opportunity to discuss at the ITS World congress in Copenhagen on 19th of September 2018, where the projects presented an overview of advancements of their developments and pilots deployments. The speakers from all three projects explored the alignment of MaaS deployment with the regulations on multimodal passenger rights.

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