Second MyCorridor workshop in Rome: MaaS for transport service providers

//Second MyCorridor workshop in Rome: MaaS for transport service providers

Second MyCorridor workshop in Rome: MaaS for transport service providers

The 2nd MyCorridor workshop was held in Rome on the 16th of November 2018 and involved 20 external participants from the industry (transport and mobility service providers), research, authorities and associations. Urban and intercity transport service providers are facing an unprecedented paradigm shift in the legal, social and technological norms guiding the transport industry, leading to a greater emphasis on multimodal ‘Mobility as a Service’ (MaaS) concepts and ‘one-stop-shop’ mobile app and platforms. The event focused on how mobility service providers can join the MyCorridor MaaS platform. Together with external experts the workshop tried to answer “How should transport service providers make use of the latest technology and business models in order to remain competitive?”

The Workshop looked at the current social, business, legal, and technical environment for MaaS and provided a sneak peek at progress on the EU-funded and MaaS-enabled MyCorridor platform which is currently under development.

Workshop sessions included two main keynote speakers: MyCorridor partner SWARCO presented the role of Traffic Management (TM) 2.0 in MaaS and its evolution into TM2.1; MyCorridor legal partner Osborne Clarke discussed GDPR and other general legal implications and exploring a case of competition law (merger of car2go and DriveNow) that might result in a more favourable ground (open API requirement) for the development of MaaS solutions.

The workshop was the occasion for the first public demo of MyCorridor MaaS app, that will be tested first internally (beginning of 2019) and later also with broader public (mid 2019), doing real cross-travel between Greece, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and The Netherlands.

Finally, the audience was actively involved in the Interactive session with experts Oktay Türetken and Paul Grefen from the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences of Technical University of Eindhoven using the business model radar approach to define the potential business model of MyCorridor and MaaS overall defining the value proposition for various users.

“Today we had another small step towards our aim to make MaaS a reality that works for everyone. November marks out the half point of our 36 months project. We are all excited at the progress made thus far and cannot wait to get out on the field and launch our pilots on the second half of 2019. MaaS on!!” – Roberto Palacin (MyCorridor Coordinator, Newcastle University)

For the workshop agenda, click here
For the workshop presentations, please visit the Project Library

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